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10bii Financial Calculator

Powerful calculations for everyone.

With modern design and the power of Windows, the 10bii Financial Calculator makes it easy to quickly find the answers to your financial questions. And now with the release of the new Windows version, the power of the 10bii Financial Calculator is available on every device in your home and office!

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Amortization Schedules

Share beautiful PDF Amortization Schedules with your clients and colleagues.

The 10bii Financial Calculator makes it easy for you to create stunning Amortization Schedules to impress clients and colleagues.


Cashflow analysis made simple.

Complicated investments are a snap with the 10bii Financial Calculator. Maximize your profit in style.

Statistical Regression

Predict product revenue with powerful statistical regression.

6 different statistical regression modes, included with the
10bii+ features, put the predictive power of math at your fingertips.
Linear, Logarithm, Exponential, Power, Exponent, and Inverse.

for Windows

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The 10bii Financial Calculator is also available on
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